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Odpadów Przemysłowych (ZUOP Company)

Waste – is meant as every substance or thing which the owner disposes of, is going to dispose of, or is obliged to dispose of;

Industrial waste producer – every entrepreneur, each company, each plant or facility the existence of which causes waste generating and also everybody who conducts initial waste recycling causing the change of its character or of its composition, is also a waste producer!!!

Waste producer is obliged to obtain a permission for waste producing in case of the following waste :

  • with the weight of over 1 Mg annually in case of hazardous waste or,
  • with the weight of over 5000 Mg annually in case of other than hazardous waste.

Waste producer may order to perform the duty of waste management by another waste owner. Waste owner may transfer the waste but only to subjects who have received a legally required decision of an appropriate authority permitting to conduct the activity concerning waste management, unless such an activity does not require a permission based on regulations of ‘Act on Waste’ and on a proper directive.

Waste record means:

  • keeping a waste record card,
  • keeping waste transfer notes,
  •  submitting annual statements about to a proper Marshal Office.

The duty of keeping waste records results from the ‘Act of 14 Dec, 2012 on Waste’ (Dz.U. [Journal of Laws] 2013, No. 0, item 21). Record of waste concerns its every owner. This means that waste record must be kept by the following entrepreneurs:

  • waste producers (e.g. production, building, service, cleaning companies, etc) except for producers of municipal solid waste,
  • collecting subjects e.g. scrap and recyclable waste collection points,
  • subjects transporting waste (merely with a waste record card),
  • subjects performing recycling or disposal,
  • waste stockpiles.

There exist exceptions where it is not necessary to keep waste records or such records may be kept in a simplified manner which is only with use of waste transfer notes.
Regulations in this area are included in the ‘Ordinance of Minister of Environment’, which defines types and volume of waste in case when there is no necessity to keep the records. This ordinance also determines categories of small and medium enterprises which have the possibility to keep simplified records.
According to the ordinance small and medium enterprise means:

  • enterprise which produces hazardous waste in the amount up to 100 kg annually,
  • enterprise which produces other than hazardous waste that is not municipal solid waste in the amount up to 5 Mg annually.

Making waste transfer notes is a duty of waste owner who transfers the waste. The waste transfer note must be drawn up in duplicate.


Annual report on the produced waste and waste management is made by: (Article 74, par 1 of Act on waste from 14 Dec, 2012):

  • waste producer who is obliged to keep waste record,
  • subject conducting activity of waste management,
  • subject conducting activity of waste extraction.